Indra Hauka

Indra is a wonderful artist and craftmaker from Latvia who was kind enough to allow me the use of one of her awesome images in the creation of one of my logos. She has a variety of crafts available on her Etsy page that caters towards art and occult lovers and specializes in custom wedding guest books. If you’re in the market for any such item then I would definitely recommend scoping out her wares and helping to support another great creative soul.

You can view her site here:

Summon The Shaman

Summon The Shaman is an art collective based in Europe who create mind-blowing surrealist art among myriad other styles. Francesco, Alessio, and Raffaele are a photographer, artist, and graphic designer, respectively, who offer some of the most intricate, creative art that I’ve ever seen. Raffaele, in particular, created an image that became the cornerstone of my personal logo. I’ve also purchased several of their other images to have as art around the house. Very cool and innovative creations!

You can find them on Facebook and at the site here:

Photo Cosma

Andrei Cosma is one of the most talented photographers I have ever encountered. As a photographer myself, I can appreciate the technical aspects of his work but simply as a fan of art, in general, I find myself continually in awe of the scenes he captures and the end products that he creates. He focuses on natural photography and hosts a slew of jaw-dropping images that feature haunted forests, foreboding caves, and spectacular night scenes. He also uses macrophotography to create otherworldly images that uses the microscopic to mimic the macrocosmic. His photographs aren’t merely worth having in your own home—they are worthy of being part of a museum collection or special exhibit.

Please check out his sites below:

Anthony Jensen

Anthony Jensen is a phenomenal artistic talent who hails from my hometown of Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, New York. He helped me to fulfill a nearly two-decade old dream by bringing the opening scene of my first novel, The Lion in the Desert, to life in visual form. His paintings are remarkably rich in color and deep in detail conveying a sense of stark realism amid a backdrop of eerily fantastic landscapes; his illustrations and photography are equally adept at capturing one’s attention and drawing them in with unrelenting attention to detail.

Please check out Anthony’s website here:

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