The Last of the Light

First Edition Release Date: June 16th, 2022

Available in
Paperback & Kindle eBook

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Kosmogonia Book V: The Last of the Light

The end has come.

In seven days, the twin moons will reach their fullest for the final time. The prophecy states that, on that night, the last battle will begin…but will the Creature wait that long to complete his dark work?

The Army of Avalon is making its final preparations for war, unaware that a traitor lurks within. Should the Dagger of Decimation fall into the hands of the enemy, the battle could be lost before it has even begun.

All roads—all realities have led here, to this moment. Will Tim Channing and the remaining Original Souls emerge victorious, vanquishing evil for good?

Or will the Creature destroy the very fabric of existence and extinguish…

The Last of the Light?