The Metamorphoses

Release Date: June 12th, 2017

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Paperback & Kindle eBook

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Kosmogonia Book III: The Metamorphoses

Ralph & Samantha are childhood friends who find themselves at the cusp of adolescence; for one the change represents an unwanted adjustment–for the other adulthood can’t come quickly enough.

Kurt and Claire are two damaged adults whose lives are forever in flux; one seeks perpetually to outrun the past while the other lives in fear of the future.

Everything changes the day a strange cloaked figure blinks into existence at the Hammermill mall and performs a miracle–cocooning itself in a chrysalis suspended in the air. Is it merely a publicity stunt for the illusion of the century or the beginning of the end?

As darkness descends upon the small hamlet of Hammermill, New York, these four residents find themselves at a crossroads in their lives struggling to survive against the monsters without while continuing to battle the demons within…

Evil takes on many forms.